Sex and Republicans .... "Let's review, shall we "

Who among you can recall the Mayor of Spokane, Washington ? The one who was using his office as bait to troll on the internet for young men. As he spoke out against guys.
Until the good people of Spokane, organized and threw his lyin' Republican butt out of office.

Then came Jeff Gannon, planted in the White House press room to ask "Little Scotty Mac from Texas" softball questions ....... when Scotty needed to catch his breath. Now Jeff was a find, 2 careers, stooge reporter, and Male Prostitute !

I want to thank the "Party of Family Values" for having Rep. Mark Foley [R] Fla. "Champion OF the Rights of Children" keep a close eye on our congressional pages. While the Republican Leadership held his coat.

Rep. Foley could have called Ted Haggert for consul, but he was in Denver in a motel room with a Male Prositute ..... "Speedin' His Young Life Away".

Now it's time to enter a new entry in our history. It seems that Ann Coulter, that skinny butcher knife of the right, has used that expensive Conn. Prep School education ......To make an joke, that in an 8th grade hallway would get a high-five. When she was at that gig, she posed with young man , who David Horwitz has been dragging around telling everyone how mean colleges are the right.

Because they "Support the Troops" this guy is a Sgt. It doesn't get any better than this .... a threefer.
Sgt., Student, and Male Prostitute !

Then, to rescue the day .... WE have Newt get a confession from Dr, Dobson for adultery ! And just like Bill Clinton, who's sex life the Republican Party still is fixated on ....... Newt's lover was a Federal Employee. Will we get a refund from Newt for "working" on the clock. I paid the salary of the woman while she gave Newt a B.J.
Newt's a history guy, you know he got a B.J. in the Capital, if he didn't then I'm a Texas Polar Bear.
He better have, or he's not much of a man.

In closing, as we start the 08' bid for the brass ring, the top 4 Republican challengers ...... 2 who are adulterers ....... have had 9 wives. The mormon is the only one that's just had one marriage.

Tell us all about "Family Values" in 08'. By then then newest Washington Madame may have put out her phone records. She started up her business in 93' with the "Republican Revolution."
Dr. Dobson may be very busy around then.

Please sic Sean Hannity on me, his smilin' face with all the hookers at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada are here on the site. Look under "Manufactured Outrage"

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