Dr. Toni, Lucy & Ethel, and The Hawaiian Starman

I knew absolutely Zero about web pages last August when I unpacked my New MAC. I didn't know a GIF. File from a "Johnson Rod". So last Oct. when I cleaned out my Safari cache', I had no idea that it would effect my ability to upload images to the Blogger. But MAC users have a great support system, and I went to it to try and solve my problem. There the Hawaiian Starman walked me to a solution.

There's nothing like being in a dark room, and having a complete stranger show-up with a candle, and some matches. Then, as the dim light takes hold you find ..... You're standing next to the light switch.

So the thing that's really a hoot about these little clubhouses we construct of electrons, and ones & zeros, is that one never knows who's going to pop in to say hello. A few weeks ago, I bumped into Lucy & Ethel, took a look, struck a match, and they were off to the races.
Last Saturday, Dr. Toni dropped in. She has what I think will be a great clubhouse to visit, and she's about to find her light switch.

Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us

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