Valley View Hot Springs Summer of 71'

Valley View Hot Springs is probably the best kept secret in the whole of south central Colorado. During the boom of the 1st World War, Colorado Fuel and Iron Works opened a iron ore mine called The Orient at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. This hot springs is a few miles north of the mine site. At that time, it was developed as resort for the miners to spend their money. It had an bar that was built in the shape of an octagon. And a whorehouse that was painted pink on the inside. One long hallway down the middle and cribs on either side of the hall. The developers dug out the springs {There are several}, and lined the walls with rock.

That whole thing had fallin' into a state of decay by the 1970's, and was home to a couple who were care takers in exchange for a place to live. I think it was like 50 cents to use the springs. The " Small Pool " in these pictures was just big enough to hold a couple. It had a sand bottom. Sitting in it, the water came just to my chin. The water temp was perfect, and bubbles came out of the sand and tickled your ass.


Made a " Field Trip " today , The last warmth of fall is about to be driven out of the county tonight.
Gave my wood tools to my old friend Larry today ..... and some odds and ends. In the stuff, was a copy of a photo.......from my May, 1967 high school paper. Me, Carol, and my 1954 Ford it is painted with 39 different colors from spray paint cans. Sorry it's a black & white copy.
The article was about me and Carol being " Unconventional". It was a feat in Lubbock, Texas back in 1967 to be " Unconventional".
Carol was in trouble for wearing mini-skirts, and I was just in trouble. It's a hell of a picture folks .... Time magazine ..... " Turned me on".... I read about the poster revolution way out in San Fran. That was in Feb. of 67' .... and being a teenager who was dumb enough to want to be an artist, I looked into it. I'd never heard the word "Hippy" before that . Two months after that article, I was deep into it .... That's went this is made.
I have some good stories about that Ford ..... my mom sold it for 6 books of green stamps.
Carol had a great pair of legs. She was a real dish. Right out of an Elvis movie.

Valley View Hot Springs Summer of 71'

More later.