Temple Univeristy Planning Huge Expansion

Article in Philadelphia Inquirer, Temple planning $1.2 billion expansion. see full article

Over the next decade, Temple University plans to spend $1.2 billion mostly to develop its Broad Street corridor, including adding 2,000 dorm beds and building a new flagship library at Berks Mall and Broad.

Girard Avenue Looking a Bit Brighter - Philly.com

Coverage on the new street lights that are now installed along W. Girard Avenue between W. College Avenue and Fairmount Park as well as the Wachovia grant for a Brewerytown Neighborhood Plan. The press conference where Councilman Darrell Clarke spoke was held at MM's offices at 2621 W. Girard Avenue.

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Philadelphia Real Estate Blog Discusses Upside to Buying a Home in an Up and Coming Area

Came across this post on the Philadelphia Real Estate Blog by agents Christopher and Stephanie Somers of ReMax. In this article they emphasize the upside that can be achieved when buying a home in an up and coming neighborhood, like Brewerytown - which they actually mention. Here are their tips, click here for the full post:
1) First, pick a neighborhood close to the border or "fringe" of an established community that you really enjoy. This fringe neighborhood should offer you an environment you feel is comfortable for you and is within your price range. 2)Once you have chosen a neighborhood, choose the blocks where there are few to no vacant properties. Those blocks have a jump start on appreciation since they are all occupied and preferably cared for. Sometimes one well maintained block is like a beacon and can be the inspiration for other buyers to move into the community.

3) Even if there are a few rugged looking homes, look for signs of development on the block. Typically where one or more investors and homeowners are making big improvements to homes, there are more to come in the near future. It is like a domino effect.

4)Look for proactive neighbors getting involved to keep th streets clean and drug free as well as a strong neighborhood association. A strong neighborhood association is the life blood of a community.

New Fresh Grocer in North Philadlephia - neighborhood loves it

The new Fresh Grocer market recently opened in North Philadelphia at the renovated Progress Plaza on N. Broad Street in an area that had been without a supermarket for years (11) and it seems the initial response from residents (both longtime and new ones) has been overwhelming.

This is further evidence of the massive opportunity retailers are missing out on in inner city, where there is huge demand for goods and services that are convenient, high quality and deliver good value.

Click here for article from Philadelphia Inquirer

Supermarket Update

Here's an update about the planned supermarket at 31st and Girard. Below is an excerpt.

Investor makes moves on Brewerytown supermarket

It's been a long time coming, but Brewerytown might finally get a much-needed supermarket at the intersection of 31st Street and Girard Avenue.

After a meeting held Friday, Oct. 30, representatives from Farm Fresh Produce and Poultry signed a letter of intent to purchase the triangular, 2.8-acre tract along the 3100 block of Girard Ave. from the Westrum Development Co.

According to Herman Rollins - who owns Farm Fresh Produce and Poultry with his wife, Judith - the Cherry Hill, N.J.-based couple will secure the land for about $2 million.

They hope to bring a 35,000-square-foot supermarket to the site in the near future.

"We have everything we need to put the market there," said Rollins during an interview on Monday, Nov. 2.