The Real Estate Business

Success of a real estate broker lies in his trustworthiness to the customers; without gaining the trust of common people, it is pretty difficult for any person to get success in the real estate business. The house transaction deals involve thousands of dollars, as a result of which people generally do not get the confidence to hire just any real estate broker. There are several chances of getting fixed up by any rogue and loosing the entire money or spending a huge amount of unnecessary money for an inappropriate house. Such unfortunate incidents are often seen in many places. Hiring a well known and experienced real estate broker is the best way to prevent such incidents and carry on with a successful house transaction. People of Colorado are lucky in this case as they have got one of the best real estate brokers of United States, Andre Mazur, operating at that region. This Lafayette realtor has gained enormous popularity among the inhabitants of that region because of the extraordinary services that he provides.

Among several other qualities, the trust that this Lafayette Colorado realtor provides is unimaginable. This is the most important quality that most common people want in a real estate broker. However, it is impossible to find out whether a realtor is trustworthy or not; the best way to find it out is to discuss with that realtor’s previous customers and by studying about that real estate broker. When any person comes to Andre Mazur for any type of house transaction deals, he may not worry about his trustworthiness. This Lafayette realtor has been in the real estate business for 13 long years; this easily mentions his trustworthiness to the clients. He has been able to work for such a long time because people trust him and seek his help in any type of house transaction deals. The excellent service that he has provided continuously for this long period of time has earned him huge popularity and success.

This Lafayette Colorado realtor operates only in Colorado; outsiders cannot get the facilities of this real estate broker. People from other parts of United States have to hire any other real estate broker company for dealing with their house transactions. They should search a lot and gather adequate information about the real estate broker they are going to hire. All the real estate brokers that one sees are not like Andre Mazur, they may not provide the facilities that this Lafayette realtor provides. But, there is nothing that can be done; a real estate broker must be hired for the house transaction deals otherwise people may lose a lot of money behind an inappropriate house or may not get the right amount of money for a house when they sell one. Nowadays, no one gets involved in buying or selling houses without involving a good and efficient real estate broker. Everyone knows that such ignorance to the real estate brokers can cost them a lot of money. So people spend lot of time to find the best real estate broker of the region to make their house transaction deals successful.

Weekend in Brewerytown!

On Saturday June 11th, from 5-8 PM, is the 3rd annual Art + Soul Food street festival, featuring live music, the best soul food in the city, local artists with international talent, appearances by the Honest Tom’s Tacos and Buttercream Cupcakes food trucks, a Yards Brewing Co. after-party, the local drum team and even a fashion show. Focused on the 2700 and 2800 blocks of Girard, this event is a real labor of love for the community.

On Sunday June 12th at 8 PM, world-renowned Philadelphia native DJ Cosmo Baker makes a not-to-be-missed very special appearance at one of the City’s great-unknown dive bars!

Cosmo Baker is widely considered as one of the top party-rocking DJs on the planet. A master of everything from hip-hop to disco & funk to electronic music, his unique style and spinning prowess is able to bring it all together in a cohesive, and funky manner. This Philadelphia native cut his chops alongside contemporaries such as ?uestlove and Rich Medina, and when he relocated to Brooklyn in the early ’00s he helped found the internationally known DJ / remix collective The Rub. His knowledge of music is only matched with his uncanny ability to move the crowd. Cosmo is a rare breed of DJ that bridges the gap between the legendary DJs of yesterday and the superstar DJs of today.

Era Bar is located at the corner of 28th and Poplar Streets. Did we mention it serves Ethiopian food, and has great craft beers on tap as well as cheap drink specials? What about its' super long 360 degree bar? This hangout reflects the Ethiopian soul of its owner, and should be far more widely known. This opportunity to come groove with Cosmo on a Sunday evening at Era is rare indeed. Don't miss this party on June 12th at 8 PM!

Sponsored by Brewerytown Living. Brewerytown Living’s goal is to help introduce and expose people to the Brewerytown neighborhood, and the culture and lifestyle here. Please check out some upcoming events sponsored by Brewerytown Living.

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North 28 on the Web

A great new Philadelphia real estate blog, is Naked Philly. Recently they came out to visit the North 28 site to check on our progress. We have dug and cut the perimeter outline of the building, and the next steps are to pour the footing for the foundation. Next will come the site utilities, the foundation walls, and lastly the modular boxes arrive. Check out some photos below!