Here's the Deal

Sorry for being so cryptic ..... It's a trait I'm not fond of either

I told a few people awhile back that I had a personal pool going around here on who would go first.

A. My sister's yellow cat
B. My 83 year-old father ... who has emphysema, heart disease
C. My sister, who is a professional mess
D. Me, who's reaping the fruits of a miss-spent youth

The yellow cat won.

I however, seem to be coming in a close second.
Here's the Wikipedia Page that spells out the picture right now.
The fetor hepaticus mentioned there doesn't thrill me at all, but I haven't kissed a pretty woman in awhile, so I guess it doesn't really matter that much.

I have a lot of loose ends to take care of, and I need to use this energy and time to do some tying up.
I would love it, if someone who has the time and energy, would step up and take on one of my sites.
That being TYKO
Drop me an email, if you feel up to it.

Thank-you all for the very kind words. An "ATTA BOY" or "ATTA GIRL" to each and everyone of you. It means more than words can say.