MM Partners Loves Urban Farming - Brewerytown needs some farms

MM Partners really likes the concept of urban farming and believes its a great use for vacant land for many reasons:
  • better use of vacant land
  • better for storm water run off
  • return tax delinquent properties to tax rolls
  • great way to redevelop fringe neighborhoods where there are an abundance of scary, overgrown lots currently used for short dumping and who knows what else
  • who wouldnt want a farm as a neighbor to look out at?
  • creates local jobs
  • introduce better fresh foods into many neighborhoods
The list could go on and on, but the bottom line is Philadelphia is a great place for urban farming. There are a number people throughout the area already doing it, here a few great links:

Brewerytown is an ideal neighborhood to try this out, we would welcome anyone interested to contact us.