A Bit of Clarification

I should have gone into some detail about my condition, but having shared it with my friends at Crawfordslist for some time, I slowly forgot that information wasn't tattooed here.

I am not suicidal, but I have the liver of Poppa John Phillips [Before he got his 50,000 drink over haul]. It's not really a bad way to go. Your liver doesn't have nerves, so pain isn't a big problem at this point. But my ability to sit up, and type has taken a turn in the past week or two. So I haven't been visiting the places on the web as much as I once did, and I haven't had the energy to do all those things with my MAC that are so much fun.

One thing about the web, it saves lives. I ended up on the web because my lower disks gave up a few years ago, and needles invaded my legs and feet. I started looking around the web, and ended up at Crawfordslist .... That move has kept my mind going for the last couple of years. Brain Rot is far more deadly than Liver Rot. Pin-Heads like Chris Matthews think the web is populated by guys like the one in the MAC commercials. But there's a hell of a lot of people like me who use it as a line to minds that keep them going. Someone should do a post about this, it's a fertile subject.

I'm concerned that in the not too distant future I won't be able to write any more. That's why I posted the one below. I've never been a big fan of mysteries ... I'm a Virgo, I want to know what's going on, hence my reason for these comments.

Many thanks for the concern, and kind words... But I water skied under a helicopter, and danced with a lot of beautiful women. Some even took me home. What more can a man ask for ?