Where's All This Going ?

I sure wish when "They" picked out the word "Blog" ..... "They" had done a better job. I'm sorry, I just don't care for the word. It just ain't quite there. But I wasn't around when "They" were doing the picking so it's just water over the dam.

If you're sitting in a glass box somewhere, trying to figure out the yelping mob we call the Blog-O-Sphere [ I really hate that word ] , it's the unedited pack of opinions, a flock of electronic protozoans following mindlessly through Senator Steven's Tubing. But, somethings a foot, and I think I spotted it.

There's a class of people emerging in the Tubing that are the complete package :

Electronic Artist
Code Breaker

A complete package for the WWW. I stumbled on one of them this past week, and reading him and watching him crystalized this for me. Talent tells and it's these people, who have this complete package, .... we will be watching more and more. Mainly because they're so damn much fun, damn smart, and damn passionate.

Now when these kind of people meet, interesting things can happen .... The electrons start flowing back and forth Here's a prime example :

Back on Oct 10, I posted about Professer Smart Ass

Then, on Jan 1st, I posted about The Unapologetic Mexican

Here's the happy result of those two meeting :

" The Hand Shake "

Have a look at both of them again, and tell me I'm wrong :

Professer Smart Ass

The Unapologetic Mexican